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To safely dispatch your false eyelashes, you need to ship orders in top-quality creative visual solutions that are reliable and robust. But since there is a vast range of packaging materials are now available on the market, it’s tough to find the most economical and practical packaging solution. Mind you, the role of the wholesale custom eyelash packaging box in the supply chain process is pivotal to guarantee the safety of your product. Why? Your customers expect their false eyelashes to arrive without a scratch. That said, focusing on the safety of your lashes does not mean your shipping container has to be dull and boring. You need flexible wholesale eyelash boxes that can be used thoughtfully and efficiently. Custom Eyelash Boxes (CEB) offers various lash boxes that aptly meet your storage, transport, and display needs.

Whether your customers are based in the US, our custom lash boxes with logo safely deliver your items while looking marvelous. In brief, our packaging solutions can do any job you want them to do. From cardstock to Kraft, cardboard, and other packaging materials, CEB is an all-in-one shop that provides wide-ranging solutions to address your needs.

Best in Class Wholesale Eyelash Packaging Box Supplier

CEB specializes in developing false eyelash packaging, continuing to be in the front line when it comes to assenting technology and innovation. Our highly skilled packaging experts can provide you with practical advice to ensure your empty eyelash boxes wholesale supply surpass customer expectations. The packaging division at the firm utilizes state-of-the-art machinery to offering various embellishments and market-leading turnaround times while looking to clasp a high minimal waste standard. Above all, we understand the significance of maintaining consistency through different production runs where the display is paramount. Therefore, color management is a top priority, and our color standard management system is your assurance of quality. Screen-print, embossing, debossing, foiling, and UV printing are some of the methods we frequently use to deliver beautiful eyelash boxes custom supply.
The most reliable and responsive eyelash box manufacturer USA… Words that are not just a philosophy we are utterly proud to uphold. Instead, it’s something we regularly hear from our clients. Thanks to our qualified graphic designers and highly trained packaging professional staff, we closely work with each of our clients to deliver an innovative visual treat that meets your printing requirements.
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Add-ons holds a special place when it comes to printable eyelash box template for retailers as they help enhance product persona.

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Read inspiring stories to know how we help clients succeed with custom packaging boxes for eyelashes and why we are the last packaging company you’ll ever need.
When I needed a full-service custom packaging firm to launch my new false eyelash brand, one of my advisors suggested me to get in touch with Jason at CEB, which proved to be the right decision.
Erik Nyvoll
CMO at Alien
We partnered with CEB 4 months ago to grow up our eyelash brand from nothing. Their custom-made packaging has given us the opportunity to scale up our project into a full-fledged business.
Ron Miller
The staff at CEB has very unique expertise. They have mastered the art of creating attention-grabbing eyelash boxes using the most innovative printing techniques. I would highly recommend them.
Sharon Donkelaar
Founder & CEO at Pink
After going through various profiles, price quotes, and quality comparisons for tailor-made boxes, we chose to go with CEB. And I truly admire for what they have done for us in such a short period.
Jack Pinkoski
Marketing Head at Simplicity

Eyelash Box Manufacturer USA

CEB is a US-owned and operated printing and packaging firm based in Anaheim, California, United States. The private company is run by skilled industry professionals that produce a wide range of custom logo eyelash boxes. CEB offers services to a national customer base supplying quality packaging and commercial printing solutions. The company has numerous accreditations to its credit. Thanks to the premium quality of the eyelash boxes packaging wholesale supply that have the hearts of millions of customers in America. CEB also leads the way in all facets of the production process, right from quoting to delivery. The hassle-free process provides clients direct and instant access to the management, pre-press, and production departments so that you can have tranquility.

Eyelash Box Maker

CEB is a premier print and packaging company that is recognized for the outstanding production of top-quality eyelash boxes custom supply, using only the best materials and offset printing techniques. Our team of specialists can provide expertise to ensure your lash packaging surpass customer expectations. That’s because we individually personalize eyelash box design to suit each client’s requirements. Above all, our experienced staff can efficiently tackle the many varying requirements to give you the packaging that instantly engages potential customers and boost your sales.
Besides closely working with clients, our in-house team and pre-press process allows you to view and modify the design prior to printing, so you can achieve exactly what you require.

Empty Eyelash Boxes Wholesale

CEB strictly adheres to internationally recognized quality control standards to ensure our printable eyelash box template and packages are produced to a high standard. Owing to our quality assurance, we have persistently met the expectations of the clients and consumers. As an eyelash box manufacturer, we always strive to train our staff appropriately and provide them adequate resources so they can effectively perform their functions within the company. Each staff member is accountable for carrying out their defined roles with due regard for workplace health and safety. And with our stringent environmental management systems in place, the eyelash box maker is committed to the principle of offering more sustainable packaging solutions to our clients.

Eyelash Box Design

Sticking out, being visible, and creating an unforgettable experience for your customers is only getting tougher and tougher. Why? A growing number of cosmetic brands that have found their way around costly packaging solutions and head-turning trends have gained the upper hand. But thanks to minimalism, creating cheap custom eyelash boxes still remains a possibility because the unusual design sets your products apart from others and effectively promotes them in the retail environment. You just need to be smart about every detail and try to create more value than making your design more complex.

Besides closely working with clients, our in-house team and pre-press process allows you to view and modify the design prior to printing, so you can achieve exactly what you require.

Minimalist or cheap eyelash boxes design adds value, especially when working with a limited budget and scarce human resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find dozens of eyelash packaging box manufacturers in the US that are producing high-quality custom lash boxes. But it will be practical to choose The Legacy Printing. The eyelash box maker is creating affordable and premium lash boxes for some of the most valuable brands in the world.

A quick search on the internet can help you easily find where to order custom eyelash packaging in the USA. One of the top companies in the search results will be The Legacy Printing. The company has carved a name for itself in providing top-quality custom lashes boxes along with numerous FREE services.

While there is an appreciable number of companies offering the best eyelash packaging, The Legacy Printing takes the cake away with its attractive pricing and premium custom eyelash boxes. The leading eyelash box manufacturer USA also provides an array of FREE services such as shipping, design, and add-ons apart from Fast Turnaround Options and low minimum order quantity.

A freelance graphic designer or a specialized design agency can design professional eyelash packaging for your business. But joining hands with an end-to-end lash box creator like The Legacy Printing will allow you to get everything done under one roof. More importantly, your custom-made lash boxes will be of the highest quality.

Since merchants don’t have much control over how their products are shipped and handled, many package eyelashes for shipping using custom eyelash box packaging made out of paperboard or cardstock to keep them safe from moisture and external forces.

There are countless DIY tutorials on YouTube that can help you make eyelash boxes in no time. But it will only work if you aren’t looking to sell your product to the masses. Why? It requires expert help to create appealing and robust eyelash custom boxes.

An eyelash packaging box made out of cardstock or strong paperboard is more popular than the ones built with plastic or other hazardous materials. Not only cardstock and paperboard allow for customization but also viewed as the most cost-effective solution for both lash box creator and vendor.

Eyelash box manufacturers like The Legacy Printing usually make custom eyelash boxes for brands. However, companies that have their own press design and tailor their own custom eyelash box packaging. But it requires a huge upfront investment.

Since merchants don’t have much control over how their products are shipped and handled, many package eyelashes for shipping using custom eyelash box packaging made out of paperboard or cardstock to keep them safe from moisture and external forces.

Lash boxes custom made for brands aren’t anything like traditional packaging boxes. Leading brands understand it requires a special breed of eyelash box makers to produce packages that encourage customers to buy. That’s why several beauty brands in the US choose The Legacy Printing to create custom lashes box.

Not only it’s easier to order the best and economical custom lash boxes online, but it is also a speedy way to get your custom eyelash boxes delivered right to your doorstep. Moreover, you can request unlimited Free quotes to match your packaging needs.

Lash boxes are usually made of cardstock, paperboard, or plastic. But The Legacy Printing never encourages its customers to use unsustainable plastic packaging. Does your eyelash box manufacturer follow suit?


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Minimalist or cheap eyelash boxes design adds value, especially when working with a
limited budget and scarce human resources.

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